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Chris:  I’m watching this music video at the same time I have Ke$ha playing in the background

me:  lololol

Chris:  It’s glorious
omg this video is incredible
why was life soooo cheesy back then?

me:  I feel like O missed it!
Chris:  They’re wearing like over sized sweaters/performance fleece
me:  and I think plastic
and, like, those cargo pants that unzip and become shorts
Chris:  I just saw a Nautica logo
me:  I’ve counted no less than 1 million polyester braids on Chris Kirkpatrick
Chris:  “god sends you his love”
is a legit lyric in this
lance bass
justin timberlake with a black baby
me:  Circa 1998
Chris:  hahah
OK now if you’ll excuse me, I see a link to Taylor Swift’s new video on this youtube page.
gimme 10 minutes and a cigarette break. brb

My Fiction Piece Published Today!


Photograph by Desert Raven

Hey friends!

Some of you may recall that I recently found out that a short fiction piece I wrote is getting pubbed.

Today it went live on Storychord and I couldn’t be happier with the look, sound and feel of it.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

A breeze came off of the ocean and poured through the screened-in porch. The damp heat of it coiled around Jack like a heavy coat, and the space suddenly seemed too warm and too small. The air smelled of wet pennies and seaweed, the way an approaching hurricane season always did. It made him edgy, thinking of those waters heating up for a big storm. The wooden planks of the swing jammed against him and burned hot against his back and thighs. He looked up and saw that the stuffiness had even encumbered the blades of the ceiling fan. It was quiet except for that hushed loop of the fan and the rasp of the swing.

Would love for you all to read it in full here and, if you’re feeling generous, REBLOG or LIKE it on Facebook!

Also, tell me what you think, maybe?

Chumbawamba, We Hardly Wanted to Know Ye


In case you haven’t heard, “Tubthumpin’” band Chumbawamba announced it’s official split on their official blog, called—what else—

Here’s why they’ve decided to ruin my memories of a 90s childhood:

We felt we’d got to a point where what we did as a band; and specifically the writing, recording, touring cycle; wasn’t doing justice to what Chumbawamba set out to do in the first place…

Chumbawamba was our vehicle for pointing at the naked Emperors, for telling our version of the truth; it gave us more than the joy and love of playing live, writing songs and singing together; it gave us a chance to be part of a broad coalition of activists and hectors, optimists and questioners. But eventually the rest of our lives got in the way and we couldn’t commit the time and enthusiasm that the band demanded. Couldn’t keep up with whatever responsibilities came with a band like this.

And you all thought art was dead!

Who wants to go pay tribute to their memory at a karaoke bar??

Why Justin Bieber is Kewl

It’s that time of year again: Justin Bieber’s new album is coming out!

Because you’re “in the know” and “hip as shit” you’re likely already aware that the album debuts on June 19 and is titled Believe.

I’ll be perfectly honest: To me, a jaded Belieber, this seems like less of an artistic endeavor and more like an opportunity for the Biebs to strut around and show off how cool he is. And he is cool.

There! I said it.

Don’t Belieb me? See below.

Reason: He’s Virile

Ever almost gotten an older woman pregnant backstage at one of your concerts?

No? Didn’t think so, losers.

Reason: Slimed, Slimed, Slimed

If you grew up watching Nickelodeon, like me, then deep down you’ve always wanted to get slimed.

God didn’t want you to have that kind of fulfillment, though, did he?. Know who he chose instead?


Reason: He Loves Basketball More Than People

I mean, do you see how passionate he is about this Lakers game? There’s nothing more important than this. Nothing.

That’s fucking cool!

Reason: He’s Secretly a Feminist

Name one other Prince de Pop who’s gone door-to-door selling cookies for the Girl Scouts of America. Try to name one, I dare you!

Reason: He’s Into S&M

Here’s the thing: You don’t just let people beat you up and take photos for nothing, amiright Rihanna?

Now Accepting…

With my Vegas road trip just 2 days away, I am officially accepting recommendations for the playlist that will carry my friends and I the 4+ hours it takes to get there.

To be clear, this isn’t amateur hour- I’ve already got the classic Vegas songs on deck (i.e. “Viva Las Vegas,” “Luck Be a Lady,” “Leaving Las Vegas” etc).

Seeking serious party/car ride jams only. What have you got for me?