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The Little Cornetto Book Series by Joey Spiotto / Blog / Store

Part of The Official Edgar Wright Art Show, opening Tuesday, 20th August 2013, at Gallery1988 / Tumblr.

Also, I want to have a whole ‘nother baby just so I can read him/her these.

So cute - but bummed they aren’t actual books. They are lovely prints though

(via laughterkey)


It’s that time again. The 5th Annual PCB Summer Movie List!

With the release of ‘Iron Man 3’ this weekend we’re officially entering summer blockbuster season. Keeping with tradition of the past four years, (yikes, has it really been that long) below are all of the summer movies I’m…

Can’t wait to see Much Ado About Nothing!

3 Films Virgins Should Be Forced to Watch


Yes, your virgin flower is a precious gift from the gods and if anyone tries to take it don’t hesitate to stab them in the elbow.

That being said, there are some crucial lessons all virgins should learn before they, well, lose it forever. These are those lessons.

1. Movie: Cruel Intentions


Lesson #1: Never announce that you’re staying a virgin in Seventeen Magazine unless you want a couple of sexy, manipulative aristocrats to fight over you.

Lesson Number 2: Definitely announce your virginity in that magazine because of Lesson #1.

2. Movie: Teeth

Urban truth: All vaginas have razor sharp teeth that can be used indiscriminately for the purpose of revenge.

Ladies, if a guy doesn’t treat you right, asks you to dress as a french maid, etc. use that vagina dentata!

3. Movie: Almost Famous

Hippies have hoe tendencies, and your virgin seed is a novelty to them. Want your first time to be an orgie? Look no further than a group of gypsy on-the-brink band sluts.

Anything I missed?