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Mortified, June 20: Come See Me!


It’s a funny thing about diaries—they’re not meant to be read by anyone else but you.

Unless you’re a masochist, like me, and sign up for a show called Mortified where people volunteer to get up onstage and read the horrifying things they wrote in childhood.

Next Wednesday, June 20, I will be performing in this series.

I’d encourage anyone in Los Angeles to come out and watch, especially since the show’s creator, David Nadelberg, told me he’s having a hard time picking which humiliating story of mine I should tell.

Did I say to come to this show? I meant don’t come, please don’t come and laugh at me.

Sunday Night Sex Talks

I performed in this storytelling series called “Sunday Night Sex Talks” last night. It was hosted by the always wonderful Jessie Rosen, and had some truly amazing ladies on stage (Erin Gibson, Tymberlee Hill, Molly Prather, Margot Leitman, and Marianne Sierk).

The whole idea behind it is that it’s a GIRLS ONLY event, no boys allowed. That way it’s a bit of a “safe” venue for girls to tell stories about, well, sex.

Some of the stories were filthy and graphic and made me laugh until my face hurt, others were sweet and funny and poignant, and some were so sad because they were so relatable that it was comforting and hilarious all at once.

It was a truly fun and fantastic experience, and the room had a different kind of energy knowing that everyone watching was a woman. In a way it allowed a lot of the performers to relax, I think, and really open up and be brutally honest about their experiences in a way that you wouldn’t were men in the room. As a performer you felt that you were being supported and not getting judgment from any male audience members, which was refreshing. And as an audience member, it just felt good to laugh with these women and feel like the topic of sex could be discussed right there, out in the open. It was empowering.

This “Sunday Night Sex Talks” series is in the works to becoming a monthly event. So check in on 20-Nothings blog for future dates to come!

PS- If you ever want to hear the story I told you’ll have to buy me a drink and I’ll do it live– it’s one of those stories that is just better in person.