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‘This Means War’ Premiere… And Me.

Last night I went to the Hollywood premiere of THIS MEANS WAR starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and some hot British guy (Pierce Brosnan? Tony Danza? Is anyone really British?).

I got all dolllllled up, because there was a red carpet situation, and fluffed my hair until it took over my entire face. Then my lovely Reese look-a-like, Allie, picked me up and we rode off to the Hollywood Boulevard strip.

The premiere was at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and a line had already formed by the time we got there. I was quite nervous because I don’t do well in lines (when trying to walk and/or draw them). But, luckily, Allie has the hookup and that girl got us straight to the front.

Once we had our tickets, there was still an hour to kill. So, naturally, we wandered into the Hard Rock Cafe just in time for happy hour. Two glasses of wine and a plate of bruschetta later, we were ready to walk the red carpet.

There were paparazzi, lots of tiny dresses, all of the celebs from the film, and agents in suits waiting for our arrival. Instead of walking the red carpet (as is our duty as PYTs), we decided to make a beeline for the doors so we could get the free popcorn and sodas that were rumored to be at our disposal. It took a good 20 minutes for us to find seats - turns out, people actually arrive early to this thing! But, before we officially sat down, we saw none other than the fabulous Ms. Chelsea Handler. She was wearing this long, striped dress and sporting some serious weave. The only reason I recognized her was because of her voice. Truth be told, I love Chelsea, her show, her many vulgarisms, and penchant for dating big black men. But girl was looking a little tired in that dress, so much so that I felt fucking bomb in mine.

Look, eventually we watched the movie. Aaannnnd… I enjoyed it. There were a lot of moments where I LOLd, several dating scenarios that I related to, and in typical Rom-Com fashion, a lot of moments where I thought, ’I want a guy to do that for me!!“

Essentially, I don’t think the trailers have done this film justice. Reese is very cute and not at all annoying. Chris Pine is attractive. That British guy has a nice accent. (SPOILER ALERT) I think the scenario of a gal sleeping with two best friends and winding up with one of them is a little far fetched - girl, have some self respect/class/dignity. But still, I enjoyed it and would recommend this for anyone looking for a girly film that goes well with drinking.

To put it in the words of a couple we overheard after the premiere:

Dude: What’d you think?

Lady: Well, I like rom-coms so… Yeah.

Two chins up!