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Check Out My New Site: Side of Ginger

I haven’t updated La Rosa Knows in a while, and that’s because I’ve been focusing on my new website: Side of Ginger.

La Rosa Knows has been my website for years now, so I don’t think I’ll ever be fully getting rid of it. But if you’re looking for updates on me, my travels, cooking, and things I find to be fun, then you’ve got to add Side of Ginger to your blogroll.

In addition to posting things I find funny, I’ll be sharing recipes, stories about my life, LA things, traveling adventures, and a lot more. (Did I mention every Saturday will be Caturday?)

Please check out my new blog, and I’d love to hear what you think!


Christmas Crack For You to Bite On.

First of all, this site Pinterest? AMAZING. I have found so many fun recipes there, and the layout is just pretty. I get glazey eyed on that site.

I’m having a holiday party and had to look up some things, here are my favorites so far…

Spicy GingerMan Cocktail- I like this one because of the ginger beer. Yummy!

For this recipe you crush up a bunch of candy canes, that sounds good to me… Candy Cane Cookies.

Pita Tree Apps. I kinda just like the look of these. Plus I enjoy me some avocado.


Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes.

Obvi dovi we’ll be needing some eggnog.

(Eggnog Martini)

Christmas Crack. Nuff said.

Recipe suggestions welcome!

Day 21 Of 30 Day Vegetarian Diet.

I haven’t written about my 30-day vegetarian diet since i started it so now I feel quite badly and would like to flood you with updates!

Firstly, it has been going well. I started on March 19th and now have 9 days left.

Things that have changed in my life:

-Going food shopping: instead of turkey sausage I now buy Trader Joe’s imitation sausage which, I was impressed to discover, is actually quite spicy and delicious and tastes like the real thing!

-Cooking: This has been upped for me. In order to accommodate a veg lifestyle I’ve made a point to try and cook more of my own food so I can control it. I even cooked David a veg dinner! We had fajitas with faux chicken strips and this super delicious vegan queso (it’s actually some of the best queso I’ve ever had). You can find my recipe here!

-M Cafe: This has become my sanctuary, haha. On days when I don’t feel like cooking, I go to M Cafe, which is down the street from my apartment. Previously I had never been, and now I’m there 2-3 times a week. I’m usually buying their curry tempeh salad and sesame soba noodles. I think I might treat myself to a BabyCakes cupcake from there on my last day.

Things that are difficult:

-People keep asking me why I am doing a veg diet, and I’ve found it’s hard for me to explain without sounding like a vigilante (though perhaps not a bad thing?). I’ve always wanted to try it out, and I think it’s great for the environment and animals. But I’ve tried not to get too in depth with these questions, as I worry I may come off as a nut.

-Sushi (how I miss you!!). Dying to find some decent veg sushi in Los Angeles, and trust me I’ve been looking.

-Making sure I get enough vitamins and all of my nutrients in has been a challenge but doable.

With all of the changes I’ve made and the harder parts of changing your diet, I’ve also got benefits. I do feel less weighed down, I don’t know exactly how to put that into words but my body feels lighter (lack of oxygen to brain?). And I have also been more aware of what I am putting into my body, which makes me feel a bit healthier and conscious.

In terms of what I will keep, I actually do think that I will continue to try and maintain my veg ways. But I do have the urge to eat fish… so realistically I’d say that I may be a pesco-vegetarian at the end of this.

I don’t think a veg diet is for everyone, but it’s not impossible and because I live in Los Angeles it has been more than easy to make the switch.

9 days left! If anyone knows of a great sushi option do tell?