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NSFW: 10 Sexiest Octopus Tattoos

Did you know that an octopus has 8 arms? Sexxxxy.

They also lack an internal and external skeleton so they can fit into tight spaces. Sexxxxy.

AND mating is the cause of death for both the males and females? Super Sexxxxy.

But you know what’s sexier? Getting one of these bad boys tattooed on your bod.

The tentacle points to her lady bits… Her vagina… Her va-jay-jay… Her fur burger… etc.

Hey girl, you ever licked whip cream off a calved octopus?

She’ll want you to put your 8 arms all over that tramp stamp!

This guy would KILL on Grindr.

I feel like this octopus is asking, “Why me?” And, indeed, good question.

This is just fucked up.



This girl is taking her octopus back to the beach, WHERE HE BELONGS!!