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This Home Is 26 Feet Underground

This is a regular home in Las Vegas. It’s above ground, and on a very suburban street. But underneath this normal house, there’s another house… 26 feet underground.

The home was built in the 1970s, as a safe place in case there was ever a nuclear strike.

It has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a full kitchen, outdoor barbecue, a putting green, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, fake trees, fake flowers, and dimmers so you can set the lighting to evening, dusk, and early morning. 

It’s currently on the market for $1.7 million, and spans 5,000 square feet.

Plus, ya know, there’s that whole toilet next to the vanity novelty going on.

Vegetarian Diet Is Over (?)

So, technically my vegetarian diet ended over the weekend, but does that mean I’m over it?

This weekend was spent in Las Vegas with friends and, after an epic concert from Mumford & Sons on the roof deck of The Cosmopiltan Hotel, we decided to get some grub.

My friends have been very generous and forgiving of my diet, choosing to go to restaurants where there are veg options and bringing animal-free snacks for the roadtrip to Vegas. Only once did I get a question where I detected a hint of judgment. “You’re going vegetarian whyyyy?” With the last bit trailing up in tone at the end so you knew they were thinking what a putz I was for going sans meat.

But at The Cosmopolitan we wandered into a tapas-y place downstairs and set about ordering up some snacks.Everything was going well until Gabby saw bacon wrapped dates on the menu, to which she exclaimed, “BACON WRAPPED DATES!!” with the brightest of eyes.

I knew this would be trouble, as prior to my diet I had similar reactions to bacon wrapped anything. Except mine were also usually accompanied by drool.

To be fair, out of all the items we ordered, only that one was non-veg, and it was technically past midnight and my diet was officially over so… could one really hurt?

Okay, I had three. Three delicious bacon wrapped dates, after which I felt some pleasure, then remorse, then fear, and then denial.

I am still slightly in denial. I guess part of me assumed I might never eat meat again. but there I was, 45 minutes off my diet and a fistful deep into bacon wrapped fruits.

The next day I ate entirely vegetarian, and I have also continued this today. I also went food shopping, and decided that if I was really going to try and continue with the veg thing, I’d have to invest in some veg junk food.

Enter Tofutti Cuties! Adorable ice cream sandwiches that are dairy free. I’m hoping that these will help to keep me off the hooch that is meat.

Any other veg junk food suggestions?