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Mortified, June 20: Come See Me!


It’s a funny thing about diaries—they’re not meant to be read by anyone else but you.

Unless you’re a masochist, like me, and sign up for a show called Mortified where people volunteer to get up onstage and read the horrifying things they wrote in childhood.

Next Wednesday, June 20, I will be performing in this series.

I’d encourage anyone in Los Angeles to come out and watch, especially since the show’s creator, David Nadelberg, told me he’s having a hard time picking which humiliating story of mine I should tell.

Did I say to come to this show? I meant don’t come, please don’t come and laugh at me.


I love the MORTIFIED live show, because it’s funny storytelling, live music, and a rocking bar to get your drink on.

And this Wednesday, May 18th I will be performing in the MORTIFIED show, reading excerpts from my diary.

I found out that I am opening up the performance, which is terrifying and exciting. And while I am hesitant to reveal what my diary will be about, I can say that it includes mention of sex and virginity. Oh, and I objectify men. :D

The good news is that if you want to see me get MORTIFIED- you can still buy tickets, and I was sent some discount access codes to get them for you on the cheap.

So, to buy tickets go here: Ticketing link:

And enter one of the following:

1. Receive 20% off all tickets. Code: mortifyme
2. Receive 35% off all tickets for groups of 4 or higher. This is ON TOP of the automatic discount that applies to tickets of 4 or higher. Code: groupdeal

The discount rate is for a limited number of tickets, so buy now while they’re still available!