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My Barbie Dream Home


Let’s talk about dreams, shall we?

Everyone has secret things they do when alone in their bedroom, wearing candy cane print pajamas and shoveling in fistfuls of M&Ms.

One of my secret things involves housing lust.

As in, scouring the Internet in search of homes that I would like to have a toothbrush in one day.

Part of my secret behavior includes spending time on the housing section of Craigslist, ArchDaily, and adding images to my Pinterest board. The result being that I’ve found many homes to envy, several design elements I’d like to one day incorporate, and all of the below images.

Here’s what I would like to one day have (if I put these things on my blog it’s kind of like The Secret, right?):

Outdoor Space:


Functioning Fireplace:


A Secret Garden:


Claw Bathtub:


Whatever the hell this house is:


Cookie Bunny:


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