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This past weekend, my best friend Elisa came into town. We spent the whole of Saturday in Malibu at Malibu Wines. The weather was in the toasty 90s, but there was plenty of vino, snacks, live music, and good friends. 

Elisa and I had a flight from their tasting menu, then we were able to keep the cool glasses. The souvenir and five generous pours cost us each $14, which I thought was well worth it.

Oh, and did I mention we also split a bottle of wine? It was the best of times.

PS: How beautiful do all of my friends look in the sunshine?! I think they may secretly be vampires…

On Leaving Napa

Right now, I am sitting at the Hilton Garden Inn in Napa, while my best friend Elisa mumbles to herself about the state of our hotel room, and my lack of packing.

For the past two days we’ve been wine tasting and eating to bide our time. This is a trip we’ve been planning for over a year, Napa was on both of our bucket lists, and now we are headed out to San Francisco for the rest of the long weekend.

The first day in Napa we rented bikes and I promptly fell off of mine, stone cold sober.


In spite of my bleeding wound, we forged ahead, biking through vineyards and drinking glass upon glass to ease the pain.

We’ve made a lot of friends along the way, especially yesterday when we went on a bus tour with our guide Lawrence. Below is a photo of Elisa and eye, a few glasses to the wind, and I don’t know what we’re laughing about.

Today we are both hungover. Life is good.


Love, Napa

A friend from my masters program is leaving Los Angeles and moving to New York City.

While I respect the move (mostly because I have another excuse to visit NYC) it’s really sad to see her go.

This weekend we went to Malibu Wines in, well, Malibu, to drink and try to convince her to stay.

It didn’t work, but nonetheless we had a good time.

This weekend I went to Santa Barbara for a friend’s birthday, because that’s how we do.

Eleven of us stayed on a ranch with mountains, cows, horses and olive groves.

The birthday dinner was held in the olive groves, with one long table, bottles of scotch, wine, cigars and ribs from a nearby joint.

It was absolutely spectacular. I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun. Also? I think that it’s time to add “Ranch in Santa Barbara” to the list of homes I’ll own when I’m rich.