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Why Taylor Swift’s Comment About Redheads Is Offensive


I recently saw the following headline: Taylor Swift Would Date a Ginger Man.

My initial thought was, “What did you say, bitch?” and I’ll tell you why.

She told Monsters & Critics the following: “I like people with red hair. I would do a ginger. I like Rupert Grint, the guy from the Harry Potter films.”

It’s shocking to me for a few reasons. The first, and perhaps most obvious, being the fact that she “would do” anyone. Seems like something I’d say, when sucking back a scotch on the rocks and Google imaging Magic Mike photos.

The second, and most important thing, being that she would think it’s okay to say something like that. “I like people with red hair. I would do a ginger.”

The thing that strikes me is…WHY is that even a thing to say? “I would do a ginger.” It’s not like she’d say, “I’d do a brunette,” or “I’d do a black person.”

It’s as if having sex with a person who has red hair is taboo, and she’s putting it out there. Like, “You know what I’d do that’s crazy? A ginger.”

What? Excuse me?

Don’t get me wrong, I love glorifying redhead men. I think they are extremely attractive and should be featured in leading male roles both onscreen and in everyone’s personal lives.

But when you go on record, as a celebrity, and say, “I would do a ginger,” it’s not okay. You’re not being edgy. You’re not being cute. And, personally, as a redhead, I find it offensive.

I can tell that what she said was innocuous, in her mind. But there’s also another part of it that feels like what she thought she was doing was giving red haired men the world over a solid.

Unfortunately, that’s not what this is. Paul Thomas Anderson saying, “I have a natural attraction to redheads,” is doing us a solid. Because in that sense, he’s treating it as normally as you would if you asked for someone’s preference.

But when you say, “I would do a ginger,” you’re not some big hero. Saying, “Guess what? I’d do one. I’d do that kid from Harry Potter, for example,” is not treating redheads as if they’re equals. It’s saying that we are different. Different enough that most people would not “do” them, but you would. It’s telling your fans that we’re a separate people, and that in no way is a message that I want to be put out there.

This could be a hyper-sensitive redhead diatribe, but maybe this is also one example in many of why things like Kick-a-Ginger day even exist. Because when you reinforce the idea that a group of people are an acquired taste, it doesn’t lead to inclusion, it leads to exclusion.

What do you all think? Am I just another hot headed redhead or do you hear what I’m saying?

This is All Your Fault.

You may have tried to forget a little film that came out last year aptly titled, VALENTINE’S DAY. It starred about a million mostly C-list actors (cough cough, Jessica Biel), some non actors (looking at you, Taylor Swift), and some folks I was confused about because they are either incredibly desperate or have the WORST agents in the world ( i.e. Anne Hathaway).

In my heart of hearts, I’d like to say that this god-awful film about nothing TANKED. But, alas, it didn’t. It cost $52 mil to make, and grossed $217 mil in total.

Okay, so, apparently WE the American public are idiots. We go to shitty movies, we buy popcorn, we get fatter and dumber by the minute. And you know what Hollywood is giving us in return for our stupidity?


That’s right bitches. From the director of fucking VALENTINE’S DAY. You know what else these two films have in common - aside from titles being based on holidays? The incomparable, Ashton Kutcher, and the egg-shaped witch doctor who tricked Justin Timberlake into a relationship, Jessica Biel.

SO! What have we learned here? If you pay to go watch shit, you will be rewarded with shit*. Because if the producers of the world think there’s some kind of kooky formula to earn millions of dollars, they will squeeze the life out of it until all of the money they can get is piled into their mega mansion swimming pools.

Please, I beg of you, do not pay good money to go see NEW YEAR’S EVE. I know that Seth Meyers is in it, and he’s about as nerd-sexy as it gets. He’s also featured in the previews– which may make it seem like he’s the star. But he’s not. You know who the stars are? Let me give you some hints:

Jon Bon Jovi

Ryan Seacrest

John Stamos


I wish I was kidding with this cast list, but I’m not. I’m serious when I tell you that this film will be bad. It’s formulaic, and predictable, and not funny. How do I know this? LOOK AT THE DAMN POSTER! It’s insultingly similar to Valentine’s Day!

Okay, okay. I’m calming down. I won’t let this stress me out any more than it already has. But let me just say this one last thing… YOU WON’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY!

(*Ashton Kutcher)

Ummm…. is Taylor Swift bringing up the plight of redheads in her new music video “Mean”??

I don’t particularly care for Tay Tay, because a great number of her songs send the message that the only thing worth living for is men, and she cries about it, or whatever.

But this song has a great message, and I believe brings up REDHEADS getting picked on!

So, thank you Taylor Swift for bringing to light the fact that redhead hating is NOT OKAY.

Redheads unite!