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It’s that time again. The 5th Annual PCB Summer Movie List!

With the release of ‘Iron Man 3’ this weekend we’re officially entering summer blockbuster season. Keeping with tradition of the past four years, (yikes, has it really been that long) below are all of the summer movies I’m…

Can’t wait to see Much Ado About Nothing!

It’s Bathing Suit Season, Fuckers.

Know what that means? Momma is gonna be on a strict diet of apples, cigarettes, and Adele songs to prepare my body for bikinis, poolside drinks, and staying out late as fuck this summer.

I’ve already got plans, k? Vegas, check. Palm Springs, double check.

As such, I’ve started fantasizing about my dream bikinis. I went to the mall yesterday and tried some things on (I know it’s only March, but… I AM FOR REAL ABOUT THIS). Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything I lurved. But that’s OKAY…

The thing is, every year I go to a fancy bathing suit store like Everything But Water, where a top is $100, and the bottom is another hundy, and the dressing rooms have disposable panty liners… Whatever, it’s FANCY. Nonetheless, every year I go to these stores and find zip. That is, until I hit up a little mom and pop place called ‘Target.’

I’ve already started browsing online, have found some possible babies to adopt and bring home to live on my body, and plan to sleuth them out at my neighborhood store this coming weekend. Here are the top choices, lemme know whacha think?

Pink/Floral Print

Slate Bikini

Ruffled 2-Piece in the color Lipstick

Black Bikini

Multicolor Print