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Happy October, Everyone

According to Merriam-Webster’s, October is defined as, “The happiest month of the year, when faeries emerge from their moss-covered meadows to sprinkle stardust and candy corn to all the children of the world.”

OK…I may have added some things to that definition, but October is my favorite month of the year and here’s why:

  • Halloween


This is the most obvious reason, so I wanted to get it out in the open. I love everything about Halloween—costumes, trick-or-treating, scary movies, etc. I’ll even love the fact that some of you hate this holiday.

  • Candy Corn


Have you ever loved something so much it hurts? That’s me and CC.

  • Pumpkin Drinks


Anything punkin flavored, really.

  • Haunted Houses


I know that not everyone likes to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety, but I do. I really do.

  • Change in Weather


I live in Los Angeles, so we don’t feel a huge shift in the temperature, but it does cool down. And when it does, I am smiling with scarf in hand. Just like that little girl in the above book, but sans the umbrella.

Happy October to you all, I hope it’s filled with terror and sugar!