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According to a study out of the UK, the answer is yes!

Researchers conducted a series of tests in which their findings suggest that prejudice toward red haired people is so severe that it goes beyond sexual preference to a level of downright discrimination.

One part of the research…

This research is suggesting, essentially, that even though redheads are already discriminated against, new laws should be put into place to further discriminate.

What do you think about this?

Let’s Play: Which Celebrity Would You Want To Be?

Over the weekend I was out to dinner with friends, and we played this really ridiculous game where everyone was asked to think of whom they’d want to be if they could be anyone in the world… Trouble.

One of my beautiful blond friends said she’d want to be Mila Kunis, and like, yeah, that’s a great one. Mila has dark skin and hair and those big gumdrops for eyes… she’s beautiful. But so is my friend who has long blond hair and skin like porcelain.

Then it was my turn up to the block, and my friend said, “I have no idea who you’d want to be, now I’m really curious.

And to be honest I had never thought of that either. I think if you had asked me in high school I would have immediately had an answer, because I was constantly comparing myself and how I looked to other girls. But now that I’m 26-years-old apparently that has changed.

I love looking at photos of beautiful women, models in magazines, random chicks walking down Melrose… I just think women can be so beautiful and fun to admire. I appreciate the effort that my fellow gender puts into how we look, and perhaps because I’m a writer too (wah wah) I often study peoples traits and what makes them unique.

But it took me a while to answer that question because out of all the pretty women I knew of I hadn’t been looking at them to think things like, "I want to be her!”

So, I went through a little catalog in my head and then the answer came to me.

Julianne Moore, hello!

She is my top redhead idol, and a person I have devoted much time to adoring. I think she is beautiful, but also because I am a redhead you learn to really appreciate the famous ones who have made being a beautiful redhead desirable.

So, I guess that’s my answer. If I had to choose anyone in the world to be it would come down to the Moore.

Who would you want to be?