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Bucket List Item #39: Apple Picking Mission Accomplished

The great thing I’ve learned about bucket lists is this: Once you put it out there, people want to help you accomplish things.


Like this weekend, for example, when I convinced a group of friends to venture two hours outside of Los Angeles to the apple-rich town of Oak Glen.

We spent the afternoon twisting off Red and Golden delicious varieties, along with some Rome and Granny Smiths, then ate barbecue while a live band played, and finished it all off with a jaunt through a corn maze. Or, as my friends liked to call it, the maize maze.

(Side note: Maize Corn mazes are not all that impressive in the daylight, but I can imagine come nightfall they are downright terrifying.)


What I learned through accomplishing this goal is that apple trees are shorter than I imagined them to be. Also, even though I picked a bag full of apples with the intention of baking them into a pie, they’ve mostly served as an afternoon snack, and I’m OK with that.

I also realized that this year alone I’ve managed to cross 5 items off of my list: #17, #32, #39, #45 and #55.

So, I guess I have to figure out which point to tackle next:

1- Swim with sharks

2- Hike in Alaska

3- Host Saturday Night Live

4- Walk across the Great Wall of China

5- Perform standup

6-  Write a book

7- Write a play

8- Visit Cinque Terre

9- Learn Italian

10- Learn how to make sushi

11- Go to a restaurant and buy dinner for a random family (anonymously)

12- Start a foundation

13- Volunteer in India

14- See the Taj Mahal

15- Meet my boyfriend (Josh Groban)

16- Feed a village in Africa

17- Sing a song with a live band in front of an audience

18- Party at the Playboy mansion

19- Write an article for The New Yorker

20- Be on NPR

21- Walk in a protest

22- Win an award for teaching

23- Go to Paris for a weekend. Tell no one.

24- Go to the Oscars

25- Be a guest on the Tonight Show

26- Get a PhD

27- Ring the bell at the NYSE

28- Help build a house

29- Go camping

30- Skinny dip

31- Sky dive

32- Travel through wine country

33- Go to the X Games

34- Go to the Olympics

35- Go to the Superbowl

36- Go to the World Series

37- Have a sketch on Funny or Die

38- Teach my mom how to swim (She refuses to learn. I am determined.)

39- Go apple picking

40- Have a sandwich named after me

41- Learn the thriller dance

42- Be on a float in a parade (I rode in a cop car during a parade as a prize for winning a slogan contest. Doesn’t count.)

43- Mardi Gras in New Orleans

44- Carnival in Brazil

45- Zip line in Costa Rica (I’m crossing this one out, as I recently zip lined in California!)

46- Go to Sundance

47- Build a successful website (this one!)

48- Go on a yoga retreat

49- Have/be on a billboard in Times Square

50- Interview a polygamist

51- Ride in a car with a storm chaser

52- Visit and bet on the Kentucky Derby

53- Get a tattoo

54- Complete the Sunday New York Time’s crossword puzzle

55- Learn how to play chess

56- Take a photography class

57- Visit Forks with Gabby and Kristen, go on Twilight tour

58- Bike across America

59- See a moose in the wild

60- Go to a speakeasy in NYC

61- Make dinner for friends once a month (STARTED)

62- Make Thanksgiving dinner

63- Be backstage at the Hollywood Bowl

Anyone want to help me accomplish one of these things and cross off something of their own in the process?