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Paul Thomas Anderson Has a “Natural Attraction” to Redheads

The Master has come up twice today, so I thought that might be the universe trying to tell me to blog about it.

It first came up when my boyfriend asked if I’d like to go see that new Paul Thomas Anderson film, to which I then said I was just impressed that he used the filmmakers full name, whereas slackers, like myself, would have instantly gone for the ole P.T. Anderson.

To make an otherwise inane story short, I said yes to seeing the film because A) It looks interesting B) Is getting a lot of buzz at TIFF and C) This is a man who uses my favorite redhead, Julianne Moore, quite often, and I support people that promote my people.

Then, this afternoon, my friend Andrew sent me this Huffington Post interview with Paul Thomas where he confesses his natural attraction to redheads. Here’s an excerpt, with interviewer Michael Hogan:

MH: There are a lot of redheads in this movie. Is that a coincidence?

PTA: Kind of. I have a natural attraction to redheads, anyway: Julianne Moore, Amy Adams. I have to say, not some kind of real by-design thing but one of those things that just keeps happening accidentally-on-purpose. The very nature of creating a family for Phil is that you’re going to have sons that have to look like him, that kind of thing. But yeah, it ends up looking really interesting.

Anyways, I guess it’s time for me to buy a ticket, because the universe wills it so! Is anyone excited to see The Master?

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  1. majuan said: I’m excited for it, and I NEVER get excited for movies.
  2. ohshitimaginger reblogged this from larosaknows and added:
    Well, well, well! Looky who has a redhead fetish!
  3. tyrannosaurpaddock answered: A friend of mine is seeing it Thursday night here and I’m extremely jealous!
  4. tothegallows answered: Oh yeah, bt it’s not coming out for a few more weeks where I am. Did you get screening tickets?
  5. larosaknows posted this