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Bitch Rant

This is the time on my blog when I get to rant about the things that have happened to me over the course of the week, and you all can tell me to either shut the fuck up, or commiserate and become my new favorite person. Here we go.


If I give you my phone to look at one photo, that does not make it okay for you to start scrolling through all of my pics.

You asked me to come get coffee and now all you’re doing is talking about how great your boyfriend is. This shit ain’t fun for me, k?

Mom, if you call me and I don’t pick up, that means I’m busy. Calling me over and over again and leaving multiple voicemails will not make me want to call yo ass back.

I had that parking spot first. Back off my balls, guy.

Don’t try and make “spontaneous” plans then get mad when I’m already busy. I’m very important (duh), you need to schedule in advance.

Blackberry, get your shit together.

My hair looks fantastic today and you know this, so don’t not compliment it.

Oh, I see, you can RT some random slut but you can’t bother to even favorite my very clever and witty tweet? Eff off.


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