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Ever Noticed How Redheads Just Smell Better Than Everyone Else?

That’s because we’ve evolved to seduce the pants off of you with our scent! Mwuaha! :D


Let’s break down just how it is that I’ve come to know this:

If you’ve read anything about pheromones, then you know that there’s something called “pheromone attraction.” And, for those of you who are new to this, it’s that instantaneous connection you feel with someone when you meet them for the first time. Biologically speaking it means that we “sniff” out suitable mates who, when it comes time to make some babies, will breed stronger offspring. So, if you’re out at a bar and you can’t help but be drawn to someone (and later might call it “fate” if it works out), that’s actually just the chemical substance produced by both of your bodies that functions as a way of stimulating a response from someone (in this case, attraction).  

This is important and pertinent to redheads because the pheromones we throw down tend to draw in a lot more folks (which would support the “Sexual Selection Theory” that redheads, much like how peacocks attract their mates, have survived this long because we are the most sexually desirable of the bunch).

Our pheromone effect and our delicious scent has been scientifically proven!

In 1886, Frenchman Augustin Galopin stated in his book, “Le Parfum de la Femme” that, among women, redheads have the strongest scent: amber and violets. To add to that, Rowan Pelling, the founding editor of The Erotic Review, agrees that redheads have a strong natural scent, but contends that, “Redheads famously have a distinctive civet scent, which drives many an admirer wild.” [A civet is a wild cat whose scent has been prized for centuries because of its aphrodisiacal qualities. Pretty cool, huh?]

In his The Redhead Encyclopedia, Stephen Douglas reports that the skin of redheaded people exudes a “sweetly musk-like scent” and is unable to “hold” other fragrances. He relates this specifically to females and our psyche: because a redhead’s body chemistry changes with her emotions, any perfume she wears changes as well; experimentation is required to find a scent that is stable to wear.

The good news is if you’ve ever fallen victim to one of us and our intoxicating scent, chances are you are not alone.

It’s all about survival of the fittest (or the best smelling), so keep on with the good work redheads!


(Via Seeing Red)

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